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"I have this friend who is in my clique and I find her extremely annoying, like she doesn't do much except clings on to me when we're alone with other people not from out clique. Maybe I'm just too sensitive bcoz her personality is actually pretty nice but she's the kind I just can't get along with. Frankly, I often feel quite suffocated in her presence and it's a terrible feeling I don't usually get from other people. She's an extremely soft-spoken girl and me constantly getting annoyed at her made me feel guilty in some sort of twisted way. She's too afraid to speak to others but when I just want to speak to others, she would just hover around and make the mood extremely awkward. So I often try to create some sort of distance between us. BUT she just doesn't seem to get the concept of personal space!!! I want to tell her outright to just leave me alone but she's sometimes nice to me and it makes me feel like a horrible person. At the same time, in my circle of friends we are all are quite close and doing something like that may sour the relationship. I don't know what I can do to make her get the hint to just leave me alone. I don't get this icky feeling with other peers when they cling on to me, its just her I am particularly annoyed at and I can't quite figure out why."


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