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"this time in 2014 I was so sick, the stomach juices were bubbling up at my throat for days on end and i don't like PP inhibitors at all. they caused odema and after the surgeon cut my ear drum I couldn't wash my hair for about 10 weeks or brush my teeth due to the stomach problem, I had all this blood on the roof of my mouth for ages and I hit my head bad so when i did wash my hair it felt like my skull was broken and I had to get a ambulance to the hospital cuz everything was swimming around me and I could see double everywhere for days on end. they came running in with heart monitors and this just made me want to own a heart monitor really or just own one of the young male paramedics or cops that came to see me. so many ambulance rides with needles in me I got sick of it all. but hey. I am still hear and I didn't think I would be alive and my gp even said that. "

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