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"i told my therapist about how rick kicked me in the tailbone many times and got women to attack me. he also got women to buy tickets to my baby shows who never showed up and I had to give a stat dec to say that the money was never received. that is how low this mongrel bastard goes, he had evil in him for no reason just over obvious jokes I made that he decided to misunderstand them as real. beware of men that do this. there are a lot of men who do this try to make out your crazy when your cleverer then them and they can't handle it. I didn't do a thing for him to kick me other joyce was the one who said I needed kicks up the ass so he was prepared to do that for her, and that was ricks way. he would go about doing destructive things to make a fat old cow like joyce feel pleasured by my hurts in life and she was not much of a therapist cuz she took everyones side but mine and i had been seeing her for a good 5 years so she had no concept of judgment of character and loyalty to clients or confidentiality. she went around talking about me to groups of her friends everywhere for years and saying how stupid all our family and what a bunch of losers our grandparents and parents and cousins and everyone was around us but then she would then defend anyone i had confrontation with who was bullying and abusing me. that is the sort of nutter joyce was and is. a nutter with a evil outlook on life. one day she will pay a price for all that and more she did to me. the abuse she is about is sick. "


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