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"john is an asshole, him and darren killed some baby mice and probably cats. john is not this nice person you think he is. he was a complete rude shit growing up and even now, dad says straight out john deserves nothing from their will at all because of the abuse he did on me and rose over the child abuse behind our backs trying to promote others needs over his own sisters needs just because some dirty old fart william and hasbeen got in on the act. dad and mum and I blame them and other family. we blame leigh for getting me raped. she should have known better that spastic woman demanded i go to that party that night when i was ill and on medications and with a liver fluke infection. they caused all this on me deliberately. and I just want them to be forced to publicly admit it and be forced to publicly apologise for their wrongs and trying to kill me and abuse my sister and i. I could abuse all the kids who molested me but what is the point? they were just kids when it happened. but john is the evil one who let the family down under the say so of joyce and karen his wacko wife. and karen poacher has been just as jealous and abusive and a liar. she can not be trusted. she got adam to abuse me and he didn't know the full story of what her father did to me. john has turned to evil i can see he is in for hell. my parents turn their back on him and my parents support me against what ken did. dad wants ken killed. and location just like clothing does not imply a right to rape. I dont know what i was thinking at the time I was being told by rick and katy I had to let people abuse me and that was love. joyce was putting shit in my head and not listening to my needs and the real person inside of me. she would get a shock to face the real me now! "

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