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"i have been abused by so many people over admitting that i was molested at the age of 4 or 5 til 15 by a drunk smelly old man of 70 that everyone knew what he was and did nothing. he molested my dad, my sister, my dads sister, her kids and other kids, its so wrong that just because my sister and i went and got psychiatric medical help and help from nuns that we are labelled crazy. my mum worked in govt and she was sexually abused along with countless women in govt who had to walk past men who when they were only 15 years of age being sexually violated just to get their pay cheque in 1950s in govt jobs. just because i come out and admit i was abused i am crazy? well, then their must be craziness in numbers here! cuz we all have said the same thing, we all can't be liars."


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