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"at the moment I am living in poverty because i have been black listed for being honest. forced to sleep on a urine saturated bed with my mother in abstract poverty. we have no stove and no oven up stairs. we have fleas over the place and 2 women on disability welfare just because we were honest. we get no respect. I am treated like I am the lowest of the low after ken was encouraged to rape me and the person behind that was pr william. and william and hasbean are vial corrupt evil ring leaders that sickens me. you will never see a royal support child sexual abuse victims ever. and they have no idea what it is like to be isolated abused by medical people in hospitals and churches and workplaces and friends abuse you, family abuse you. they have no idea what mental illness is in their rich snot worlds. I am disgusted by them anyway. disguested at the rsl and what they allowed rsl quest girls raising money for war vetrans to be raped and abused. i am not the only victim of this. I know this for a fact."

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