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"A girl beat me up The girl was my 2nd cousin, and she beat me up I guess I deserved it. She was 15 I was 13. I had never seen her in my life and it was the first time i had seen her and I did think she was really hot. Mostly cause she had double d sized b****** right. So I was in her room just me and her and she was dressed kind of slutty, her b****** were really obvious to see and she was wearing really short denim shorts. She was talking and I must have been daydreaming but I was just staring at her b****. Soon she caught on and slapped me in the face really hard. I kinda stayed still in shock and pain and she got up and kicked me as hard as he could in the b****. I curled up on the floor and she hit and kicked me in the face and stomach, calling me a perv. She started banging my face off of the floor. My face was covered in blood and she went and got a load of charger wires and wrapped them around my neck strangling me. I tried to get them off but she was way stronger than me and wouldn't let go. I couldn't breathe and blood started pouring out of my mouth and my face was going bright red. She let go and as I was gasping for air she clenched my d*** really strong and tight and whispered in my ear "If you ever tell your parents I won't let go next time". She let go and left me curled up in pain and I never told anyone and neither did she."


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