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"i have slept most of today again like xmas day I went to sleep about 1pm after lunch and woke up around 7pm or 8pm and then had dinner and shower and back studying and then went to sleep again around midnight. probably do the same tonight. I only want to study really. life is so boring. I got for xmas some make up and some jewellery and a evening dress. I bought only a few things for myself like the minties and we bought a heap of fudge and chocolate and I will say the ginger jams were nice its a dutch cookie but soft with dark chocolate and it tastes like it is soaked in brandy and that was about my limit for wanting pudding with a few cubes of fudge its just too dam sweet for me. we had some nice cheeses vintage and blue vein and this wow one was mango infused cheese with macadamia nut pieces in it and fruits slices and olives and some maple syrup coleslaw and peppers mustard roast potato turn out. some meats of turkey, ham and pork and cranberry and I will say the bitters in the tonic raspberry soda was very nice as was the ginger beer with clove and cinnamon. we had eggnog and missed the chocolate eggnog this year none of the companies bothered to make it. i mean christmas is about a few nice foods but its sad really. we didn't do anything religious at all not even say grace and didn't bother putting on outside lights this year cuz we all been just too busy with study and other stuff. however we did buy a new white xmas tree we did put the lights on a few nights but not much. couldn't be bothered. don't even bother wrapping gifts anymore cuz of the environment waste and yeh, I think i am going out for nye afternoon but wait and see. I just want to read a bit and rest over this sore throat. I have been reading about legionnaires disease I hope I don't have that."


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