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"I have 1 fluffy ragdoll and 1 fluffy persian laying in the bed with me for the last week cuz they like the cooler. denis (snug walks over me and wakes me up so no wonder I am sleeping in the afternoon so much). since he came back from the pet hospital he has needed consoling and serious convalescing like simi he was very traumatised over the skin biopsies and he takes his medication and might have to be on it for up to 6 months that was why I was so upset over the hairdressor attacking me and my hair cutting away while yap yap yap. well, I have earnt all my pets love but like everyone who doesn't get any love I get hurt and angry and overwhelmed by my own illnesses and how to afford things and I have to be the main provider for my parents and myself and pet and take care of everyone and how can I without a job or husband I ask you? I have all these worries about bills bills bills and the old old house falling down. I had all these same worries at a child and teen up everynight worrying should I turn to prostitution at a young age of 12 to get my parents a house and make a career for myself but unfortately I was born grossly ugly with the curse of red hair so that was an impossible dream to be loved and liked. YOU POSSIBLY COULDN'T UNDERSTAND THE DEGRIDATION OF IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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