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"I'm 32 and my boyfriend Mitch is 48. We have been dating for over two years and last year is when things became kinky, but not nessasarlly in a bad way. We now have so many sex toys I don't know what half of them are called. We do have normal sex but he insists on ravishing my body with all these dildo's and vibrators. He also likes shaving my pubic hair and tieing me down as he begins. I orgasm so often I think I'm going crazy sometimes. He just took over and the ways he satisfies me is incredible. This past July he somhow talked me into letting a few guys he works with come and watch. He blinfolds me when one of them are here and has promised me the four different guys who have come so far that I don't know them. He said from the start it would enhance my arousal. The first couple times I admit feeling humiliated but now find he was right and it does effect the many ways I am aroused. After about a month he began letting these guys use the sex toys on me and I can't reason why but stay aroused longer and am constantly having orgasms. I havn't recognized the voices of these four guys and only hope Mitch is truthful telling me I don't know them. He never takes off the blindfold until they leave. These guys don't have sex with me but do use the assortment of sex toys on me and do fondle my breasts while they are here. Just the knowlege of how I am exposed for some reason turns me on but I still can't believe how I let Mitch begin doing all this to me. I'm certainly not complaining though because I have never been this sexually motivated in my entire life. I have probably orgasmed more in the last year then I had in the previous ten years. Mitch always told me not to let inhabitions interfere with my sex life and I went along with everything he wants. "


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