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"I wish I could meet the perfect guy for me rather then so many awful old losers all the time or these ugly long haired teens of 13 who are just useless to me. I deserve better then these shitty old men and pimple teen creepers who annoy me. you have to fight for a relationship all the time. fight fight fight competition everywhere who will cut you down everywhere. it would be nice to have a nice guy who was just dedicated to me who was not a creepy user and some old guy who, i have just had too many old men annoying me who are over 50 since I was 17 annoying me honestly expecting me to like them when clearly I would want the company of someone more matched to my own personality and I am a serious person and don't like anything out of line. I never chose this life and its a sin to expect me to accept just to make do with shit. everyone else always has more important needs and talents then me. and I am sick of it. I am not afraid to tell women I don't like now to go drop dead. someone was literally stalking me from page and page bullying me over some cock and I am sure I know who it was and she is a complete ugly insecure dog and will be to her dying day. she can fool some but she cant fool everyone."


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