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"they want to be careful of some old guy who claims he was a lawyer but anyone working in law can call themselves that and what proof do you have. when i know heaps of liars lie about degrees all the time. more people drop out then pass especially mature age people because of jobs and bills and money worries and health, so number 1 don't beleive everything you hear or see wanting to take photos of the 13 year old because pedophiles are in law and the professions and churches and teachers and all kinds of places and walks of life not just in hollywood, and at least those hollywood whores have the money and power to fight a court case which most average women do not. just cuz you have a case don't mean its not unwinable, just because a doctor is negligent doesn't mean he is at fault or guilty it takes a lot to prove things. but be warned by fakers and scammers out to cheat you who are wolves in sheeps clothing. my guess right now is that person is stalking me and it just gives me more amo to report it and I know who the person is, but do they know what they are doing is illegal. stalking people online on confession pages and ebay and colleges and competition sites and getting into servers and blocking me from pages and playing games is illegal. and I will get you. i am gonna have you put away for a long long long time once I have framed you all. beware and be warned. not everyone around you is your friend! "

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