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"I am sure nearly all my cousins has been wronging me. Karon hurt me with her games and not much different to sue and elizabut and it comes from each side of the family the abuse and bullying. most of my cousins are complete users. I have integrity and genuineness but put it this way if it came to Karon or sue or any of the female ones wanting cock for themselves of their kids they would lie and cheat me out of a complete life of any love and education and career. I just don't trust any woman now. I have been bashed and abused enough over guys. you can't trust women with her vagina-minds. she used to stay over and one day she wanted to play a game that I didn't want to play like she did with in bed and I said no and wouldn't get into doing things, then another time she was hanging around and we bored to what to do so we flicked the tv on and seen some stuff and then it was going a bit like dirty gay and we flicked that over and then off and found another entertainment. I don't think she liked me pulling the halts to the dirty stuff but someone had to draw a line. I am sure she is making huge lies up and it will come back to her."


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