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"the only joy i got out of seeing this spastic fat dogs over the road fighting like pigs over some piece of useless cock gave me a certain about of joy knowing it wasn't me having to fight or be bashed and it was good to know they were bad and doing wrong and someone else was feeling pain and used and cheap rather then me. its always bemusing to see others shirt fronting and competing for sex and women putting on the dog etc its so funny. watching them get themselves hornyied up and like mad hens clucking and having their clunts clapped out. yeh, thank god it wasn't me. that is all i can think, thankfull i was saved the misery and the joke of it all. its sort of like watching the royals with their joke performances you have to laugh at them doing their thing, what ever the god dam hell their thing is! is so laughable and you think "thank god its not me" they probably would feel that way about me. so I might as well get in first and say what I think of them anyway. pack of complete frucking drugged out spastic idiots. those 2 fool poofters gate crashing the baby shows looking your pedo pluck fodder to do over while hoodwinking me and abusing my family. never will forgive that one. that mongrel bastards of a thing those 2 were. and those mongrel whore fat pig violent mothers who abused the hell out of me. devils fornicating witchery of sexual women depravity on their minds baby making humping machine dogs. i hated every last one of those dogwhore mothers and the shitty poopy ugly kids."

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