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"ben smith and vince lamb stalking yeh these two indian curry eaters were making threats at me and telling me weird things over the phone and my mum had to ring our phone connection company. they were so weird. nigs keep on a nigging. phone company scam in australia we were hit by a scam group wanting internet details and they were gonna steal our access for a few months and we called police and our phone/internet company and found out it was a scam and they have been reported. go suck eggs curry eaters. don't boss me around or else! I can pack a punch at you mr!online scam curry eating indians I know not all are like this, but its been really bad here for the last 20 years of arabs, curry eaters or all kinds, and other types doing online scams. they call saying they are from your server net and phone or bank company and get you details to do evil things, take your money and fraud you out of everything and it not good for these cultures, everyone sees them as bad curry eaters don't have to believe me just keep looking at your genitals. scammers get done too! I will see to that dirty nig. haters still gonna hate! "

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