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"Wife walked in on me and my friend. One evening my wife, "Sue", was out at a bridal party, so a friend and I, "Dan", spent time shooting pool in the basement rec room. We were both drinking a lot and braging about our pool shooting skills. Eventually we made a bet that the loser of the next game had to blow the winner. We were both well on the way to being drunk and laughed our way through the game which he just managed to win. So, there I am on my knees with the head of his 8" dick just entering my mouth when Sue walks in and sees the whole thing. She turns around, runs upstairs to the bedroom and slams the door. Oh shit, I think. I'm in big time trouble now. So, I run up to her and sit on the bed next to her where she's sobbing. I explained to her what happened and that we were just messing around and that I am noway gay. I can tell she's had a few drinks herself and after a few minutes she says, "OK, lets go talk to Dan." So we go back to the room where Dan is now dressed and just hitting balls around the table. We talk for a while and then Sue says she wants me to finish the bet payoff. I am stunned and see the sly smile on her face. So I get back on my knees and pull Dan's cock out and start sucking on it. Sue watches me for 5 minutes then kneels next to me and takes the cock from my mouth and begins sucking on it like she's starving for Dan's cum. Well, Dan lasts for another 5 minutes before blowing a hugh load of cum into her mouth and all over her lips and mouth. She licks up and swallows all the cum she could get. Then she leans between his open legs and begins kissing, licking and sucking his balls. By this time Dan has gone soft and just wants to get out of there. Eventually, she kisses his dick head one last time, thanks Dan and says she is going to bed. I walk Dan out and head to the bedroom myself. When I walk in, I see Sue naked on the bed playing with her pussy. She has a big smile on her face and saya, "OK, now it's your turn. I'll let you imagine what the rest of my night was like."

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