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" out run my gun. when I am in a sarcasitc shitty mood I copy joyce and deliberately play up everything about me she said I would do and deliberately don't act win-win (cuz she told me everything I was taught in law was a load of shit, so she is the expert of everything unlike me) I smerk and I like to be a asshole to heaps of people for abusing me. so don't get me in a argumentative mood, I could kill if I flipped my wig, its just i have so much self control. I get angry and the people think I am going to kill myself but I never have apart from 2002 I hit myself over the head when the college did give me my diploma and I punished them and still do every so often and will continue to punish them. I sure hope old jen and burnidetta dog at kelly college is dead, or I would abuse her. over $8,000 and I could have spent that on a overseas holiday. you will never live that down and I will punish your company and anyone when I am in a mood. I am a moody angry mean person filled with hate hate hate hate. no god here."

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