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"i have been very patient with the police but I am getting sick of things. I did criminology and police ethics while half of them were in nappies hon! I deserve a bit of respect from their drag units! sick of the treating me like I am spastic and simple all my life since I was a kid being treated like i am a spaz when the real spaz is a joyce. not me. i have a superior mind and soul then joyce, i have a superior control and conscience then joyce cuz if joyce had any morals she would have fought for me and me being abused nearly every day from the age of 5-15. no therapist would allowed me to be sexually abused by so many people without the court helping, that shows what a immoral person joyce is. and you know god will punish her. gods gonna get her one day and strangle all that pride and ego and bitch out of her. my dad would like to i know that. he hates her and thinks she is a joke. she actually thinks she knows more about everything he has done that shows a nutter. why was it so important to her to say and see my fathers business fail when we needed food on the table, like would it make you feel good to see us in our house now. how about you come over and see the mess you left behind joyce if your half the man you say you are come over and see what you caused. don't just run away with your childish "it won't help you to know what hell you made someone's live" number 1 i never made someone's life hell. that is not me, its you but its not me. I never set out to make anyones life hell unlike you with your twisted mental head, what goes on up in that nut of yours? but see to joyce I knew nothing, I was an expert at nothing unlike her! but how can her conscience even survive the lies before god? and it i hate nig men so what, I said it before and say it again. I just aint into black dicks they look weird."

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