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"my argument is that public holidays are irrelevant and working in more important and there are heaps of people who would work a 9pm til 9am shift at the bank or vet or gp reception or funeral directors or the tax office. so its not making people work longer its allowing more people work some hours rather then none! I am sick of businesses not open if you work 9-5 job you put a lot of things off til the last minute and the post office and govt offices and all forms of work are just making excuses to close over xmas and new year and easter when there is not that many population even go to church who were white traditional church goers. why can't there be more part time work and layered hours work so people like me can work in a accounts office or whatever at 11pm til 5am in summer in a govt office. what is wrong with it? its not making workers work more it allowing unemployed people to get some work and allow services to be open and i am sick of services not open all the time like 24hours a day 8 days a week. I like to do what my things when I want. if I want to go for a coffee or doctor or dermatologist or a vet anytime it should be available at all times. its just laziness. these excuses for holidays is a romance of the past that the real common folk can't afford to have anymore. this is the way of the future you have to move with it or get left behind."

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