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"I have afternoon sickness not morning sickness and I am not even pregnant. I actually ate a hash brown and I don't eat them much and just some baked beans on some bread and more cayanne peper on everything but couldn't eat a sausage sizzle at all, I had one mouthful and threw it up. I go through this sometimes. me and food is hard, sometimes I think its my medications that do it. but I had lunch with some salmon and betroot and cheese and some brei and these pumpkin seed crackers and orange juice. and breakfast with oats and peaces. last night I had a huge plate of lettuce and salad and some chicken breast with no skin. I had a big sleep earlier. we didn't get home til about 2.30-3am and dad was one my vintage lounge asleep upstairs cuz he left in a earlier drop off free service. but me and mum and my aunty saw the new year in dancing to bee gees and abba songs. dad only seen bee gees and missed out on most of abba stuff, but over all it was good. "


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