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"my mum worked in management in the telephone exchange and she was sexually assaulted as was other women by men to get their pay cheques in the 1950s. my mum was only 15 and she had to walk past men who would put their hands up the girls dresses and mum was a manager for a number of telephone exchanges in qld. my dad worked in radio and newspaper writing and teaching and a few other things and he was sexually abused by women at parties wanting to measure the guys penises with rulers and dad copped a lot of shit from one woman he worked for always saying he was shoving the duster up her dress and he never did that sort of thing at all. these people in radio place put a heap of things in his office bin with pentihose and ky gel and a list of sexual things and that is apart from the football admin time certain persons laced his drinks with vodka and he was found unconscious on the office floor. and people treat me like I am the stupid one like I can't do a fucking job or get married. well I am sick of the abuse. I was molested from the age of 4 or 5 and younger by some older kids, but 4 or 5 by my great uncle til I was 15 and I got very sick and I am sick of people treating me like I deserved to be abused like that as a child. its disgusting. plan disgusting! "


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