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"I have experienced some weird stuff, knocking on walls before deaths in family, someone invisible breaking into my bedroom, drunks turning up at door steps saying kids were on our roof, drunk men wanting to burn signs on our fence. doors slamming when no one is there. a ghosty image at the door a invisible image walking through a glass door and moving a table cloth as it went past. the cats have seen it too. tapping on windows at night and scratching noises in a corner of the room, even as a child other events. the worst was a night a friend was over an light bulbs exploded . and more. I have a healthy skepticism but then I can't explain things I know I have experienced. I just want to find someone who will believe me and take it seriously and help me. I have felt since we moved to this house a presence that would rape me but nothing was there when I woke up and usually I woke up chocking. this was even when I was a virign. other people even say that they feel something in this house is holding me back from finding love and work . I blame the town and because my grandfather won a first prize lotto and they think we are so rich we want or need for nothing not even love or friends or work and activities and we are not rich. it was over 30 years ago. it was not my money it was my grandfathers money. I was studying at university like I am again now. but I just want someone to believe me and help me. not make this ghost thing worse like doret did. doret was of no help to me at all. nor was joyce. I need someone who is honest and not full of bs because hauntings and ghosts and paranornal events do happen. I wish there was another way to explain this with science I know I am not crazy because others have experienced it too and so have my cats. how can we all be wrong. my mother is more of a skeptic but when I was sick my dad heard the growling noises too. I literally had to hide all photos of all relatives who have died and even my pets that I love more then anything that died to remove a feeling of awful fear and dread. I would advise anyone to remove photos etc like that. I often cleanse the house with incense but we just want all the curses and spirits that abusing us to go away and leave us alone. I don't mind the good ones the casper's the friendly ghost ones but I don't think there are too many of them. I know what I sense in my gut feeling. Its just a vibe that I can tell when things are going on and I am sick of it. we just want our lives back. I should have been a beautiful bride by now. I should have graduated by now, I should own a house and investments and a career by now. I should have had children by now. I should have travelled more by now. I just want the evil energies to go away. I don't like ken or rick or the people who harmed me. I owe them nothing. I owe no one anything. we are sick of these spirits of evil the neighbors did. we are tired of all this crap. we never asked for this. "

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