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"I'm just going to say it here because I need some place where people don't know me, and where they can judge me fairly. Recently, what I had done was brought to light to several people, and I can't be anywhere near them for now. Several things had been done, and I just want you to judge me. First, I made a lewd comment to a trans* co-worker of mine about their body. Needless to say, he deeply feared for his safety for weeks afterwards. I did attempt to apologize, but I'm not sure if my apology reached him. I've consistently spoken in an objectifying and sexualizing manner to a lesbian couple that I know (though I was not aware that I was doing so). This, too, made them fear for their safety. During a night of heavy drinking, I attacked a friend over a relatively trivial topic, saying quite a few unnecessarily harsh things. One of the things I said upset them greatly, and made them feel as if I intended violent action. This is my confession. You may now judge me as you will."


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