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"therapist elissa always has a answer for everything like "oh but people didn't holiday that much when we were kids" bullshit they didn't. I had friends in my class that went away for holidays every year some went over seas as well some went into state but I am sick of hearing all these excuses of how I should not have wanted for more. cuz its crap. not going to fall for the catholic psycho mumbo jumbo therapy talk again. we didn't travel cuz we were poor but there were heaps of families that bloody well did travel and have holidays and I know it. even at the state school and catholic schools some of my friends would go to Disneyland for xmas and I am sick of playing this "that was the time no one did anything" bullshit. save your bs for someone else who wants to swallow it honey. its just another form of abuse expecting me to once again play down any card of "how about me time! starting" she don't want me in a job or study she don't want me in a group or with a man. she just want me knitting shit. well I can't even remember how to knit and I don't want to. just cuz you are a grandma and great grandma don't put me in your bracket. "


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