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"I had been in love with a girl called alena for about six years now,two years back we had so much quarells and i hurted her too much coz i had phone sex wid a girl,after one year i again chaeted on her by having met a girl n took her number n phn sex her.that time too i told her n she was crying like hell.i did the same thing third time few months ago with another girl .i again told he n she tried to theres nothing hidden about me.but some days ago i m flirting a girl of my class name is juliana.she has alrready a boyfrend.i care for her,i told her that i love her but not the kinda marry.still i feel in some corner of my hart that i m not doing good to flirt with so much love i got from my gf i cant tell her so confessing to myself and promise not to flirt again and be loyal to her for ever and ever.i m sorry alena.i woont do it again..."


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