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"I have an obsession with my wife's best friend. She treats me as if I were family or something. I have seen her completely naked on more than one occasion and she acted like it was no big deal. Little did she know that I went and masturbated as soon as I could while the image of her was fresh in my mind. Once, she was staying the night at our place and was doing some pills that, when combined together, really knocked her out. She had done about thirteen of them. We had all gone to bed, her sleeping on the couch. I awoke when I heard a loud noise. When I went to see what was going on, I found her sprawled on the floor. She had gotten up to do some more pills, but was too messed up and passed out, falling on the floor. She was only wearing an over sized tee shirt. When I lifted her up, my hands were cupping her very large breasts and it pulled the tee shirt up, revealing a natural blonde bush. I must admit that I took some advantage of her drug induced situation and played with her tits as I put her back on the couch. I didn't have sex with her, but I stood between her legs and masturbated until I was near ejaculation. Then, I rubbed my cock against her furry pussy until I ejaculated onto her stomach. She and my wife never knew what happened. To this day, every time I see her, I want to have sex with her so bad that I have to find a way to go masturbate myself when we get together. "


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