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"From light to darkness I miss you, so bad it hurts. I know a part of you misses me too. I wish you would stop trying to hurt me, and actually reach out. I guess your like me, and can't. I tried, and for some reason, perhapes I'll never know. You shut me out. I can only speculate. The answer will never be clear and even if you told me, your true intentions. I'll never know. This Christmas, when the snow is falling. After you have laughed with your friends and family, take one moment. Remember me. Let me go. Then maybe I can heal. When your alone at night and everyone sleeps, as snow falls silently, but your still awake. And the lights the warmed the ground and covered your wounds are ripped away. remember I was the one you called, I was your family your friend, your other half. I would have died for you. You were my world. This, please will be the last Christmas, I cross your mind. And you cross mine. Let the new year traditions die, and we can forget. Time heals all wounds So, let me go. Let me out of this cage. Let me out, I'll mend my own wounds and finally. Flyaway."


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