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"I think I had the chance to leave my 'ok' relationship for another one so I did to find something better. He wanted me to sneak to meet him but im not like that. I don't judge others for it but that's not me. Long story short, I stopped talking him for time to the other guy to try to work on my relationship and keep my hope going. I can't stop wondering if I did the right thing. I never met the other guy so in my head and heart , I was like, what if you don't like the other guy when you met him just all dressed up and words were "my favourite person in the world" when we met? What if he doesn't like my dress. I couldn't risk ruining what I have on that chance. Now I'm going to be forever wondering if I did the right thing til I see him but wanting to change so much about me. I miss them so much. I really felt something. ***** was my best friend. I felt so alone and lost. Did I do the right thing? yes I moved on. I will never know to do all the right moves to get what I want or people love me. That's what is going to haunt me forever.... wondering why people would never give me a direct answer to invites and why rejections for long time when I felt completely together and looking and hoping for someone completely new to meet. "


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