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"Step daughter s** I'm on the verge of f****** my step daughter. She turns 18 in a few months. I've known for a while she wants my c***. She has spied while I change , shower and m*********. She tries to hide her sneaking around but her lack of attention to details is giving her away. For example just recently I was in my room masturbating like 30 seconds after I came I heard the door close, then the garage door beep since we have an alarm. The problem is I only heard it once, meaning she went downstairs opened and closed the door to cover her tracks. Had she went to the garage the door it would beeped twice as it's self shutting door. Silly girl. During that above mentioned incident she heard me calling her name and how I want to c** inside her. I'm pretty sure she masturbated at least twice that night. When she turns 18 I will give her my c*** she's been fantasizing about for 2 years. I've been more brazen by standing by her bathroom door when I know she is masturbating. I will m********* with the door open, change with the door open. After she heard me fantasizing about c****** inside her we were out for dinner and noticed she had more pep in her step, puffed her chest out several times. If she ever doubted I wanted to f*** her those doubts are gone now. We both know we both want to f***. Its game on in June She gets me so h****, sometimes I can't be around her because I'm pitching a tent."


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