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"My father was a brutal man. Physical and emotional beatings were a near daily occurrence. Age 17 was the last severe beating I received. I guess he recognized how bad it was because it was the only time I recall him ever apologizing. I left for good. I got back at him by raising 3 great sons and we were close. He saw that when he grew to an old man. He told me what a great father I had been to the boys and they were great kids. I knew he was ashamed of himself. He died a year ago and I had to play the role at the funeral. I didnt even want to be there. Not a single tear from me for him. He already beat the tears out of me when I was a boy starting when I was a toddler Im told by my mother. My mother was a manipulating lair. If her mouth was open she was working you for some purpose of her twisted mind. She grew old, moved 120 miles away and expected me to take care of her. I caught so much shit from her family for years because I wasn't heeding to every beckon call. She refused to make any will or final arrangements just because she always made everything difficult to impossible. She had a habit of lieing to the Dr's about her med issues. Why? Because she's lied about everything in her life. She was insist ant for years she lives with me and my wife. No F'n way!! 2 hours with this woman was like 2 months jail time. Refused to cooperate with them and so she ends up having a heart attack and a stroke. Now they pass her off on to me now that she cant walk, talk or eat. She Cant get any govt assistance because she refused to tell anyway any information that is required to fill out the paperwork, She finally died leaving a lot of money owed. The family expects me to pay for it. I didn't go to her funeral nor did I shed a tear for this woman called my mother."


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