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"Racisism Oh my gosh, people are so freaking rude with being racist.They're so stereotypical about other cultures, like oh so your so perfect?!Like get a life for being so rude, I would never judge you on your relligion so don't judge me on mine!Now, I'm asian, so I'm going to use this as an example.People say were all stupid,ugly,rude,arrogant,mean,and etc. One, I don't wear make-up that much (for special occasions only), two I got staright A's,Three I'm so quiet and polite to people in school so you know what racist people, GOODBYE! I'm a seventh grader and I only get rude or mean when people are rude and mean to me.Like what do you expect. Whether your African-American,White,Asian,Mexican,Russian,etc. Why judge them?It's their race and they should be proud to be that race. I am a adopted child, so I have never been to China. So i don't know how the people act there and for the people who say they just leave their kids there to die, you got it wrong. Their government doesn't allow them to have more than one child and don't say they should stop having kids because there is something called raped,Duh! I will never know who my mom,dad,and older sister or brother is, so instead of being racist, Think of how lucky you are to have what you have instead of being the one that gets people like me angry.Thanks You"


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