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"I love to masturbate and I'm not ashamed or embarrassed to admit it.I think it's a beautiful way to celebrate beauty and sexuality. I especially love to masturbate with other people. Studies show thatmost people masturbate at least on occassion. I think it's stupidfor modern society to have such a taboo about it. I love to masturbate to Jamie Lee Curtis and Claire Danes, not only because they are so pretty but because they have publicly stated masturbation is good and they do it. I read about that on a masturbation web sitethat named them to their "Hall of Fame". Masturbation issuch a beautiful way to appreciate beauty and sexuality, and to achieve pleasure. I love to masturbate and am sooo turned on by others who are unashamed and unembarrassed they do it and admit it! I masturbate to a lot of stimuli, and love to masturbate over my friends and my wife's friends. My cute friends Donna, Elizabeth and Alice-Marie provide me with the best of my masturbation fantasies. They are both so cute and sex, and I love their legs and feet. My wife's friend Jennifer is another. She's 45, 5'4, dark blond, has very sexy legs and feet and a nice ass, and I LOVE to masturbate to her. There are many others I fantasize about when I masturbate, but those are my faves. I admit I am addicted to masturbation, but I love it so much. I love being naked, love being watched and am unembarrassed and unashamed I masturbate, and I love being open about it and love being a masturbator. I am glad I have many friends who are, too"

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