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"I this universe will end. I confess i feel little sorrow for whatever is here if anything but mostly i feel regret that i am leavjng all that beer behind and i really feel bad about the meth we cant pack up. Meanwhile I am laying over in The year where A winged demon landed in my garden this time i am going to barbecue and eat him instead of letting him roam free and asssainate me 1900 or so years later after becomjng judmentaibe of my alcohol use and thinking his kid is a better cpresident i am going to bribg with me a bottle of KC masterpiece bbq sauce for that purpose. I will let you know how i tasted. I must confess I have killed with my own hands in direct hand to hand combat over millions of me at my command the njmber multpleiea expnenetially cosidering plantsrtbprojections of earth state rhrougkut time and space so i m the realest killer and i am as free as a bird i run all political policy and any royalties from major plooticians lawyers atots singer s ar dircezed into my web of accounts even ifa cop stops me right as i go do one last sampling of and some shoplifting and panhandling in front lf the walmart i will casually smokr somr meth in front of the cop blow some snoke in his fave an dhe will met me go with a warnibg even thiugh everyday i comminit a hubdred femonies and am directly linked to every crime and crimibal in the world.. "

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