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" my dad collects old newspaper he has over 7 big cupboards I and my mum wanted to paint and use for other things, he has boxes and bags and junk, old vynal records and books and notes and cassettes and his obsession with collecting old boxes for tax dockets and things that don't make sense, and he holds on to the rubbish like a child. I bought new furniture to put up and make a big kitchen down stairs and then my father just came and put all this old news papers he refuses to part with plus the other 7 cupboards that we want to use for other things. my mum buys too much clothes, I started doing that and stopped it and now I only buy new clothing if I am gaining weight but I don't understand why someone wants paper and junk. I don't even want some of my clothes now. I bought them in the hope of finding work that in some way I was not good enough at interviews and that feeling of constant rejection in work and college and relationships has gone too far now when you can see a direct deliberate abuse, especially from the churches and even the wca group attitude was so blantantly "give us your dresses or frocks and fuck off you don't have a right to look pretty in them" I found that offensive. very hurtful they would not answer me "well who will pay for the dry cleaning before and after, you can't sell on the day without cashiers? why should I just give pretty things to someone girl who will find a husband or job that I could do with when I have no husband and no job? why should I help someone when no one has helped me! she wouldn't keep me informed and wouldn't listen to my advice and just want to steal and take over and expected me to take her abuse and shit, the hide of the woman. how ruthless! I can't hack this life and I am sick of people trying to rob me of what I want in life."

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