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"my teacher makes me feel uncomfortable coz he always stares at chests not eyes. one day he was telling off 2 girls and as they were walking off he was staring at there bums. and im not imagining it coz everyone was talking bout it for the rest of the day. once he was talking to my other teacher and our whole class was there but he was staring at me and i felt abit awkward. he always stares at me and noone else and he always flirts with me and noone else. altho he does look at places he shouldnt i absolootly love him. he is always flirting and he is young and hot. he wears the hottest clothes and man i love him. i can tell he thinks im hot by the way he acts around me. he is soooo hot!!!! he was at the pools in school swimming and he was making me feel uncomfortable coz he was staring at my chest the whoollee time."


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