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"Dear Noah, I noticed you back in our 6th grade English class and now, almost 5 years have passed. And since then, I couldn't get you out of my head. Your short, untamed, curly red hair matches the blush on my face when we catch one another's stare. Your stunning blue-green eyes light up and sparkle when something good happens. Your adorable freckles add that playful, almost child-like, element to your being. Your contagious laughter echoes in my mind for hours on end. Whenever I see you, it's like a volcano has erupted, spreading heat all over my face and neck. You're perfect in my eyes. Though we've caught each other's gaze, I'm pretty sure you have not truly noticed me. I mean, why would someone as popular and handsome as you, notice a trend-defying, unpopular, outcast such as myself? When you could have anyone, why on earth would you choose me to gaze at?"


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