and that teacher from the uk margaret from the church had no right speaking to...

me the way she did. I really should have told her off to her face for that. I am a woman in my 40s with life experience and maturity and she was trying very hard to push me down and I wouldn't go down for her. She insulted me with her profanity and distortions and just because she is a teacher doesn't make her better or perfect or anything actually. then the other lady told me she did similar to her and I found her with her doctorates and titles and all the houses she owned over the world and her so called bus driver husband, something just didn't add up. strange woman. very condescending and insulting, i mean go back to England if you can't take our ways. I just found she offended me and insulted me way too many times then I was prepared to tolerate about certain issues like what courses I dropped out of and for woman she had absolutely no supporting role in womens rights about child sexual abuse or rape or anything. all she wanted me to do was study more which I want too some day but why can't i have a husband and children before graduating if others can? what does it matter? weird crazy old bag that one. she seemed to support violent men who bashed women? made no sense to me, I would like to see her raped and bashed by men and women and see how she likes the life I was in as a child being kicked around and ignored. stupid old bag. if england women are like that we don't want them here. we stand for justice not shit.

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