my sister rose says evil things to me like "and I will never look after...

any of your kids if you ever have any your so fat and ugly and your stupid for looking after aaron". and I told a psychologist at centerlink about how she was abusing me, bashing me, katy bashing me and sexually assaulting me- a lesbian attacking me, I told them about everything I could at the time, how rose has said she never wanted to be related to me and hated me from the day I was born. mum and told her to fuck off with her shit cuz they know she has been doing this to me all my life and they caught her out so many times abusing me. I said to them I forgave her but I don't love her anymore, or my brother. there is no hard feelings towards my siblings there are just no feelings at all towards them after the rudeness. I told my therapist how my father has always done this waving his fists around at me and mum and his drinking and my sister saying her filipinos and dutch husband used to call me ugly and stupid and dad stupid and mum stupid. and its mentally effected me. I don't care what my sisters husbands loser families think of me, but would rose like to hear what my friends think of her?

By Anonymous on Abuse, Hate, Violence,
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