status: married age: 42 After more than a month in the hospital, I was transferred...

to a rehab facility to get strong before going home. Last week I was having issues and the nurse had to straight cath me. Afterwards, she was cleaning me up and began rubbing my penis before shyly saying, "oops, I might not want to do that." It was too late; I was rock hard and I encouraged her to give me a hand job and after turning red, she smiled and agreed. She took her time and while she was pleasuring me, I slid my hand down the back of her scrubs where I discovered she was wearing satin panties (which I love) I noticed her nipples were hard and I continued rubbing her ass as she asked if I was enjoying myself. She made me last a good 20 minutes and when I knew I was getting close, I slid my hand up her scrub top to fondle her left breast. She made me cum all over her left hand and I laughed when I noticed her wedding rings were covered in my cum. She tasted me, wiped me off, washed her hands and said she'd see me later. She's on again tonight, maybe there will be more fun before I'm discharged.

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