trying to clean my parents house from thilth of other people, I was told I...

can bring in charity hovel squallor cleaners but only with my parents permission, my mother would happily do that but my dad doesn't want to show someone his mental illness and drinking and I have admitted I need help. I want a house of my own and life of my own to put my things and clothes. I have cupboard space and no carport and no one to help me. its always been me helping others then some cop jerk said no help for you. so its ok for others to ask for help but not me, that doesn't seem fair! most of the mess is dads and my sister rose and others junk, her kids toys and other relatives destroying the house inside. I can't do it all alone on limited income and no assistance with my infection I had and I am better but I have to be careful not to over do it. besides that is a mans job. a MANS WORK to clean garbage to the dump/tip its not a womans work as far as I am concern! my father seems to think he should live here and clean nothing. not even wash up. we all take turns but he never notices what I do deliberately. all the years he was out partying with his radio and other friends and i was at home living like a workslave to the house and yard. what about all those times? when I painted the house and bought white goods and furniture for them and I had to save up for that and save for the holiday he didn't spend a penny, didn't offer a cent towards his holidays like usual. I buy him clothes and food and pay some bills and oh, it all means nothing does it? well we will see about that. I have to save for our cruise next year. I have to go without for his fun. he could at least allow some people to come in to help him with his junk in the carport. they said they would help but I can't enforce it. can't he see he needs help? can't he see we need to move stuff and clean. can't someone see I need help?

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