not sure what i feel So my wife had to take the kids to help out...

a friend whose husband got hurt today. it's about a two-hour Drive. While having for dinner today ended of chatting with our friends sister on Facebook and she gave me the information on how he is doing. This happened about maybe two in the afternoon and close to 3 before we started texting each other on Facebook. I've only ever met this girl a couple times outside of chat. Eventually this chatting on Facebook changed to texting one another. as more and more time went on the chatting became less about how her brother-in-law, and more into flirting and honestly I didn't any mind this as too bad. I kind of found it fun to flirt with her. slowly as I went out to get an evening burrito for my dinner, the texting and flirting became much more risque and aggressive. I won't lie I played along I was having a great time, she asked what I was going to do for dinner and I told her what I was having. she made a couple quick lewd comment about things in mouths, and being filled up that actually made me laugh quite a bit. then I pose a question and she answer with a picture with quite a bit of cleavage and a smile showing. we became more brazen with our conversation including pictures. eventually she asked if we could hang out and I questioned if she would bring her fiance over. she said no. it would be us hanging out together. I said fine we can play games or watch a movie. almost two hours pass before she arrives, her makeup was very well done but put on thick, and wearing clothes that accentuated her lower half very well. we ended up sitting on the couch starting to watch a movie. she Moves herself quite close and let her legs lay over my lap I gave her a funny look. at this point she sent me a text, attached was her only in panties and no bra with a small spot of text under the picture saying ready for my fill up. at this point she put all of her hips and butt on my lap and we begin to make out and grab with heavy grinding on her end. usually i'm not into girls chunky but at this time she was doing it for me. she wasn't fat just had a little belly and was pretty thick everywhere. we went directly into my bedroom and with lights on and doors unlocked starting having sex, no protection just gave in and gave it everything I had. i'm not sure if she was on any birth control but I did not care, and I did not pull out. she seem to enjoy that at least. Now I'm sitting here trying to figure out do I get her out of the house? or listen to my body and play more while she's still here. Cheating is not new to me, however I did think it over with but with this I got a taste of the excitement that I enjoyed.

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