New experiences are good. My wife and I have been playing with the idea for a...

few years but I didn't think it wold actually happen, I always thought it was more just dirty talk than anything. A few months ago my wife started talking a bit more about it and when I asked if she wanted to actually do it she paused, bit her lip and shrugged her shoulders saying "I don't know, What do you think", it was the first time we actually talked about it like it might happen, we discussed who, when, where, what and she looked at me and said "you want this don't you?", I told her if it was something she wanted I was in. We discussed friend or stranger and she told me she would only do it with someone we knew because she needed to feel comfortable with them being clean and knowing their background, I only have two single friends, One was a definite no since they don't really get along that great and she thinks he is arrogant, the other is divorced one year ago, She says he is a good looking guy and she and him have always gotten along great. I asked if she wanted me to talk to him and she flip flopped but finally said "Ok...Do it", I invited him over, we hung out in the garage drinking a few beers and finally I presented my proposal, initially he just laughed but when I didn't he stopped, looked at me and said "Serious?", I said "Serious", He said "Oh man, I don't know, this is kind of strange", I explained our whole situation and he was reluctant, He asked "She actually wants to?", I told him it was her idea and after a bit of talking he said "yeah, Ok", we discussed using his place and decided on Saturday three days away. After he left I went in the house, I was barely inside and my wife was all over me, What did he say, What happened, Tell me something, I held out for a minute or two and then smiled and said "Saturday, His place", she sat down and was quiet for a second, Looked at me and said "really?", I nodded and she took a deep breath and sighed "Ooooooh, S***". the next three days she didn't say much about it but I could tell she was nervous the whole time, Saturday rolled around, She was wandering around the house not really doing anything just pacing, I stopped her and said "If you change your mind its ok", She buried her face in her hands and said "Oh, I don't know, you already told him I want to f*** him", I assured her he would understand, I think I might have actually been trying to talk her out of it a bit, She said "I need to know you are ok with this, I cant do it if there is any shred of doubt in your mind", I assured her I was looking forward to it and by 5:00 her mom showed up and picked up the kids so we could "Go for supper and drinks with friends", Her mom was going to keep the kids for the night so that was all good. She showered, dressed and we got in the car, We drove over to my friends house, We pulled into the driveway and walked to the door, I rang the bell and he answered the door, he invited us in and we sat down, We all just kind of stared at each other and I was holding my wifes hand, Her hands were shaking and sweaty, I finally looked at her and said "why don't you sit beside him", She slid down the couch and sat beside him, He put his hand on her leg and looked at her, He said "I want you to know that you can stop anytime, I wont be angry, You make all the decisions", She took a deep shaky breath and kissed him. My wife is beautiful, nice body, Biggish b****, not real big but bigger than average I would say, they look really nice even after three kids, They hang just right and are not stretch marked at all, Her ass is by far her best body feature, Her ass is better than a 20 year old, Perfect shape, Perfect size and jiggles just right, Even her friends tell her she has a great ass, Nice legs, Nice feet, Sexy back and a gorgeous face, Long dark hair and blue eyes which were honestly the first thing I noticed the day we met. I sat back and watched as they kissed and eventually he slid his hand up her leg exposing her thigh, She had on a nice little sun dress and she lifted her bum letting him slide her dress up to her waist, She had a black thong and sheer black bra on and I could see her ass as he worked his hands and her dress up her back, She sat back and he pulled it up over her head, she adjusted her bra and he reached for the clip, She said "Um, I'm the only one in my underwear", he whipped off his shirt and pants and sat back down in his underwear, I did the same as I watched her run her hands over his chest, She stood up facing away from him and pulled her thong down then stood up, He grabbed her bum and massaged it, I know she doesn't like her b**** and figured she would leave her bra till last, She sat down and I whipped off my underwear, I sat in the chair across from them and watched as he fumbled with her bra finally getting it off, As she slowly peeled it off he looked down and then at her and said "Holy, I didn't know your b**** were that big", She cupped them and let them fall. I sat and watched as they made out and she finally reached into his underwear, He pulled them down and there was my wife, Naked holding my friends c***, She looked at me and there is no other word for the look on her face besides nervous, She lifted her eyebrows and I nodded my head, She knelt in front of him and I moved to sit beside him so I could watch, She stroked him a few times, looked at me, Opened her mouth and leaned in taking his c*** in her mouth, First time ever, She sucked a bit and puled back catching her breath, She swallowed hard and looked at him, He put his hand on the back of her head and she opened her mouth sucking him again. I knelt behind her and she got up on her knees, I licked her from behind and just rubbed her holes, I wanted him to f*** her first and after a minute or so of rubbing she sat back, took his hands and pulled him down on top of her on the floor. Long story and it is a long story she took him on the floor after he licked her then we moved to the bedroom and she took both of us, I watched them for a bit then when I got it up again joined back in, She was amazing, Me and him would take breaks and watch the other until getting hard again and she never stopped once for two full hours before we all collapsed on the bed. We got dressed, said our goodbyes and went home, We barely got in the door and she jumped me, it took some work but I got it up once more and we did it on the couch, She said she loved it and it was wild, crazy, exciting and she got off once at his place and again at home which has never happened twice in one day before. We talked for a long time and she said she is not sure it was something she would do again but she is extremely happy she did it but doesn't want to make it a regular thing, It was a bit weird for me at first but the more I think about it the more I want it to happen again.

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