She doesn't even know My husband and I shared a hotel room with a friend of...

mine after a concert last week, She in her bed and us in ours. We were in bed for a bit and everything was quiet, My husband was snuggled up behind me and had somehow gotten his wiener out and was poking me from behind with it, I was a bit drunk and figured why not, I let him work my pants down to my knees and slid into me from behind, I pulled the covers up to my neck and he grabbed my b***. My husband was very slowly sliding in and out and just when things were getting good my friend rolled over and whispered Pst, Are you awake?, We stopped and laid still and I don't know why but I whispered back Yes. She told me she couldn't sleep and asked if my husband was asleep, I told her he was and she whispering back and forth, I didn't want to move or anything and my husband just laid there, I was actually kind of impressed how hard he was staying and how he was able to just lay there and not move, I don't remember what she said but it made me giggle and he later told me that it was the muscles inside tensing up and releasing that finished it. Actually a really weird feeling when you have nothing else to concentrate on other than your husband coming inside you, he laid there until he went soft enough that he basically slipped out of me, My friend yawned a few minutes later and rolled over saying goodnight and I got up to go pee and clean up, When I got back both of them were snoring and I was left to have to take care of myself in the bathroom :( She has no idea what happened and its kind of funny, just thought I would share.

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