While separated from hubby I had something with my father in law About 2 years ago...

my husband I separated for almost 7 months, we even considered getting divorced at the time but thankfully after those months we got together, we talked and we decided to get back together again. During those 7 months one evening his father came to the house to talk to me. He was concerned about what happened and just wanted to know if there was anything he could do to help. We sat in the living room, I was barefoot and was wearing these very short shorts (I didnt dress like that on purpose, thats just usually how I feel comfortable inside my house) I noticed my father in law started looking at my feet and my legs in a not so proper way, I was still angry at my husband for what he had done so I admit I kinda provoked him by playing with my feet rubbing it against his legs. Well he responded right away, he got all over me started kissing me and started putting his hands on me. One thing led to another and after a few minutes he was on top of me and I had my legs around him. We had sex on top of the living room sofa I knew very well what we were doing was so incredibly wrong but at the moment I just have to say it felt great! I wanted to have sex and the last thing on my mind would have been to do it with my father in law but things just happened that way. After he finished fucking me he told me he felt bad and guilty for what we had done, but I guess he didnt feel so guilty because just 2 days later he came back to the house to fuck me again. I started a relationship with my father in law, to be honest he wasnt bad because he tried really hard, he was 56 or 57 so he wasnt too old either and he was in great shape We had sex probably around 12 or 15 times. It was more than just sex, sometimes he would come in the afternoon,we would spend the afternoon talking, watching a movie, he would be sweet to me, we would kiss, start touching each other and we ended up in bed making love or having naughty sex until 3 or 4 in the morning. I was angry at my husband for his stubbornness so I admit I wanted to humilliate him in the worst way by doing something like this. It wasnt all just revenge though, I admit I enjoyed it too. Finally my husband and I talked and to be honest I changed my views on many things, but what was done with my father in law was already done. My father in law understood, he was happy for us (as weird as that sounds) and he never called me or looked for me in that way ever again. A lot of time passed and I thought everything was just going to be forgotten but last week I left my laptop opened and my husband saw my very old emails from the time we were separated (Im sure he wanted to know if something happened in his absence) well he found emails from his father saying he would get to my house by 10 or 11pm that night. My husband asked me why in the hell his father was coming so late to the house. I gave him a good excuse and played victim, I think he believed me but I also think hes not going to leave this alone, I think he is going to try to find out more. Besides the OBVIOUS things, what can I do?

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