Wife and her GF My wife are very open, we have been married for about 2...

1/2 years and we discuss everything. When we knew each other for a while but were hooking up. People were surprised that we only were engaged for four months before we were married, since prior to that she was with other guys and girls. What people don't know is that I have always been turned on by her fucking other men and women. Sometimes I wasn't with anyone else, but she always came back to me as we were best friends. Recently she told me she saw a beautiful woman at her yoga class. She was surprised when I told her that I would love to see them together. She said that she had been faithful and was I giving her a pass. I told her the truth, you always had a pass. She looked really surprised. I then confessed that I missed our Saturday brunches when she would come back from clubbing and tell me about the sex she had the night before. It turned me on hearing her tell me all the stories. A month ago the two went to a big electronica party and I got my wife dressed. I gave her the knee high boots, miniskirt, thong bikini and the pasties under a sheer top. I love the pasties since when my wife gets drunk and high she will drop the top. I was treated with a series of hot photos of my wife with her Asian GF. The two were so sexy together. Sometime in the night my wife lost her top and skirt and was making out with her GF. My wife sent me several more shots, some included some guys and her by the pool. By then she was nude with just he rboots. The final shots had the nude Asian woman with my wifes legs wrapped around her head. we met for breakfast and she brought Chantell. The two were so sexually attracted it was great. My wife was about to come home with me when I told Chantell, you two look so great together why don't you go back home together. I love it that my wife is back to rimming and getting rimmed. Chantell has a on and off again bodybuilder boyfriend who is black. I suggested that my wife get a taste .

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