My college professor asked me once to give him a visit to where he lives...

(it's within the campus) so I did actually, i was thinking that he want to have sex with me, so he would give me an A+ , and i was prepared to do this as a matter of fact, i kinda like him, and find him so sexy but when i went to where he lives, he opened the door and invited me to step inside, and i did my pussy was hurting me, and i was so excited, to a point that i was ready to jump over him, kiss him and suck him and letting him insert his penis inside me. to my surprise, he told me to baby sit his little daughter while he and his wife are going to some stupid place not only that, before he leave the house, he told me: Sara, don't forget to finish your assay, you will not pass if you didn't do it son of a bitch!! i hate him, but i do love him too, and i want him and ache for him what to do?

By Anonymous on General,
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