my first year at university i spent too much money and instead of paying...

the university the money it was owed i didn't, in my 2nd y ear i didn't get my loan as a result of not paying back my fee's in the first year and i was stuck with no money ... i borrowed off alot of people and thus far haven't paid any of them back, i keep lying to them saying that either i have paid them and the banks have fucked up or that i will do it soon (knowing full well that i won;t)... 2 of the girls i borrowed money from i slept with cos i knew they fancied me and one of those two i even pretended to be her boyfriend for a while cos i knew she loved me loads and if i didn't i knew she'd be after the money alot more. another one of the girls i borrowed money from was angry at me for not paying so i slept with her best friend so that they'd argue (cos the one i borrowed money from was in love with me, hence she lent me money) and she'd not think about the money i'd owe her and instead think about her bestfriend betraying her.

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