I need help im so lost, i tried to get in the army but they...

wouldn't let me in because they said i was about as physically gifted as a one legged lizard,so now i join arrmy chat forums and tell lies. Its become a real problem for me, i have forgoton who i am, i cant tell between truth and lie, my friend chris ryan told me after our last op that i need to get help so i thought i would as what other people thought, i also find myself drawn to arrse i cant get enough i love arrse. help me!

By Anonymous on Adultery, Pride, Envy, Anger, Covetousness, Gluttony, Lechery, Sloth, Murder, Love, Treason, Assault, Lie, Lose of faith, Death, Didnt forgive, Abuse, Religion based, Prejudice, Roadkill, Animal abuse, Children abuse, Violence, Masturbation, Gay, Fraud, Vandalism, Forbidden Fetish, Stupidity, Hacking, Burglary, Ilegal software, Drugs, Dealing and selling drugs, Being a country singer, Pimping, Prostitution, Worship satan, Being a bum, Stealing, Spilling a drink, Making someone Uncomfortable, Embarrassing, Incest, Bribe, Peeing in someones yard, Being drunk, Divorce, Marriage, Ignoring privacy, Genocide, Blasphemy, General, Sex,
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