told my husband before we got married that I would probably never give him a...

******. He didn't really say anything but I could tell he was disappointed.Yet damn near every Saturday night, before we f***, he wants to eat out and it feels so good when we go out to a bar and pretend we are meeting for the first time and I am a prostitute and we love it when other women are interested in him at his singing gigs. I wonder what it would be like to giving him a threesome with some of his regulars at shows. My friend told me the only guy she ever went down on with a few friends, is her boyfriend, and she says the photos came out very good and keepsakes for them; pretty sweet at first.I mean I've thought about doing it before.On his birthday or one of his regulars birthdays, I'll tell myself I'll give him a try tonight soon. But something always comes up or I just blacken out.I feel bad that it goes down but I want it to be fun that we enjoy together and if a regular go down on him he likes. I let him f*** me and her t*** once, he told me it would be good and that he really would like it. But we having done it again since.I'm starting to think he was lying to make me feel good. He doesn't always tell me is regulars unless I go but what if I cause a brawl fight over him with my jealousy ? I want to give him a ****** and get it over with before a baby comes, but I just need someone to help me.

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