I'm only 16,but, I dont know if I am a virgin   yet........ On june,my puppy love (not...

a virgin long time ago),a really 17 handsome guy took me without “getting out” of my inside in our school' toilet!!  I really didn't want to accept inurbane request . but I was really a little afraid of him.  when i said "no!",he shouted "  I love you so I do this!" .........THAT night when i back to bedroom I cried. I was no experience about this.Even I havn't watch any blue movies!  SO,i WAS afraid of cyesis.so I let him buy me drug... But he thought I was spoffish ,after 2-day "bother" him ,He was mad at me. THEN WE BROKE.  NOW,I think I really a fool! .  I was so upset and sleepless almost everday!  BUT  yesterday I knew that , he told a lot schoolfellw that he had "fuck" me!!!!!!!!!!!!HE IS SO PRIDE! Because at the beginning I didnt  wanna be his GF. Maybe he thinks after telling others ,he can prove that---HE IS the WINNER! I ALMOST get mad!    I didnt tell anyone about him,becase i think i should respect his secret . I cant believe he told others......so everyone dont know the truth that I didnt make love with him at all!!!!!!!!(just touch)        They may think I am a bad girl!                             I was  really not freewill .I was regret that time I didn't refuse him stoutly and believe his lie! Am i a virgin? Am i a good girl? what can I do about thoses trouble? help plese!                             regret girl

By Anonymous on General,
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